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The Learning Booth

An artists dream.


A photographer has to develop a wide variety of skillsets. These skills take time to develop; moreover, they need a nurturing environment with the necessary resources. Acquiring the right space and the right equipment can takes years and a lot of money. This is an obstacle we feel we can overcome together.

Pasaro Studios understands this and that is why we have created The Learning Booth. It is program created that prioritizes an artists growth by providing them with resources, hands-on practice, and a professional space.

At least twice a month, The Learning Booth is open to members for six hours. An instructional period with a professional photographer will take place during the last 90 minutes of the session. Members will have the opportunity to practice using all of the studios resources and equipment. 

Oh yeah, did we mention this is a 100% free program?



Model dress code for open studio is a plain solid color shirt, dark jeans or sweatpants, no accessories and solid color sneakers. No nudity or lingerie

Yes. However, the open studio photographer must use the studios sd card, tether to the studios computer, and if they would like to leave with the images they will be watermarked. 

There is a 5-minute grace period. After this time, your session is canceled and after three cancellations you forfeit your membership.

No worries! If you do not have a camera, we will provide you with a Canon T6 for your session. This comes with a $10 rental free.

At this time, the learning booth is exclusively for photographers.

Slots are set to one hour to give others an opportunity to learn. To make the most out of your hour, we encourage you to visit our equipment list and prep at home for your session so that you have an idea of what it is you are going to practice.